Newspaper closures – what are the facts?

Anyone who’s tried to get to the bottom of how the local and regional press are doing, will know that finding reliable data about the number of closures and launches is not easy.

I have found some statistics on launches on the website of the Newspaper Society here, but no equivalent data (perhaps understandably considering the nature of the organisation, which promotes the local and regional press) on title closures.

There is a list on Roy Greenslade’s blog (which covers closures in 2008). There is a page about job losses in 2008 on the Institute of Journalists’ website.

Here, too, is a piece about the impact of closures on local journalism from Online Journalism Blog, which contains some facts and figures.

But I am still struggling to get a good, long-term, robust, audited list of closures and launches in the British newspaper market. I will post again if I find anything, because this would surely be a useful resource.


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